Infringement Monitoring

For the payment & Social media industry

We help you uphold your Terms of Use and End User Policy


Infringing Accounts


Infringing Posts/Comments Per Day


Pornographic/Illicit Drug Related Transactions/Per Day

*Captured with our unique machine learning scraping algorithm scanning all major social media platforms

Payment & Social Media Industry

The Problem

As social media continues to evolve it becomes increasingly difficult to uphold and enforce Terms of Use across social and payment platforms.

Rapidly prevalent issues across social media and the internet payment industry is the widespread solicitation and sale of infringing activities:

  • Amateur Pornography
  • Advertisement of Drugs/Controlled Substances
  • Bullying
  • Child Abuse

Service provides user profile monitoring of infringing activity onyour platform.

We help you identify infringing activity on your platform, better enabling your moderation team to perform take down or ban decision on violating users.


Our custom machine learning scraper and database technology crawls possible infringing users across the internet’s most popular social platforms. We pair our scraper with manual human review and investigation of flagged social media profiles to identify and confirm infringing activity.

RESTful API to access our dataset.

Unique/Custom database with over 10,000(and growing) users who have performed infringing activity on Snapchat, Instagram, PayPal, Cash App, Xoom and Venmo.

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